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Help For Heroes Dec 2011

A love to hold your heart...forever!

Babies...they are the reason I am a photographer. Every day I am blessed with a freely given smile, accepted for who I am without judgement feel my heart expand with every chuckle. They never cease to amaze me. Have you ever noticed how many expressions a 4 month old has, or how a girl of only 6 months can give you the look you used to receive from your mum when you had done something silly? And the conversations you can have with a can talk complete and utter nonsense but they will smile and gurgle back at you anyway. You think they are telling you all about their day, when really they are saying "You are completely mad, but I love you anyway".
I love to capture all of these things in a photograph. My days are full of love and laughter and I can't imagine ever doing anything else!

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